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Dr. Rafael Alburquerque, lectures at UNPHU, on challenges of Artificial Intelligence

Dominican lawyer and politician Dr. Rafael Francisco Alburquerque Castro, former vice president of the Dominican Republic; gave the talk entitled «New Forms of Work in the 21st Century and The Challenge of Artificial Intelligence.», at Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña (UNPHU). Dr. Alburquerque said that, in the face of a new mode of production that is looming, it is necessary to understand that a law designed for an industrial society must necessarily be modified to respond to the challenges that a post-industrial digital society has and its effects due to the technological revolution. He said that these effects are already beginning to manifest themselves in labor law and that it is seen above all in the legal subordination that is the basis of labor law; but that it is also beginning to be reflected in the new forms of contracting that technology and artificial intelligence are provoking.In this regards, he expressed that the first point to analyze is the legal subordination that is the basis of labor law, which is the power that is conferred on the employer to issue orders and instructions to his worker in all matters concerning work and the obligation for the worker to obey it, and at this point telework would enter as a subject of analysis, since the legal subordination was conceived for face-to-face work. At the event attended Patricia Matos, Academic Vice Chancellor; Geisha Carpio, Vice-Chancellor of Postgraduate Studies; Dr. Francisco Ortega Polanco, Dean of the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences; Patricia Pérez, director of the School of Law; and the Magistrate, Manuel Ramón Herrera Carbuccia.

The activity was carried out as part of the “Dr. Lupo Hernández Rueda” Master’s Chair, in its 2024 edition; organized by the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences at UNPHU, on January 16 in the Max Henríquez Ureña Hall; you can see it in the following link:

About Dr. Lupo Hernández Rueda

Lupo Hernández Rueda (1930-2017), is considered the pioneer of the founding doctrine of Labor Law in the Dominican Republic. His doctrinal work and contributions to Dominican Labor Law begin in the 

1950s when, as an official of the State Secretariat of Labor, he worked successively as head of the Section of Trade Union Registration and Workers’ Education, as an assistant and then labor inspector First Class attached to the Section of International Relations, as director of the National Employment Service, ending as a legal consultant.


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