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UNPHU graduates win the 29th Biennale of Visual Arts

The Arq Elvin Diaz during received his award at the biennial

lvin Diaz and Carlos Guzmán, graduates at the School of Architecture and Urbanism at Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Ureña (UNPHU) won the 29th Biennale of Visual Arts of Santo Domingo. 

Both submitted their works at the most significant cultural event of the Dominican Visual Arts, held at the Modern Museum of Art.

 In the video “El Valle,” the valley, of Juan Carlos Guzmán, the jury considered that the artist combines an own and clear idea leading his work to an aligned language of precision and exceptional knowledge of the mean. His visual exploration, starting from a figurative landscape to the abstraction and superposition of lights, shapes, and colors, flows in this video. Cleverly, he denounces the indiscriminate tree cut and severe deforestation affecting the planet. 

The installation “De abismos y túneles” From abysms and tunnels, of the artist Elvin Díaz estimated by the jury for the award, for the excellent performance and current language of a monumental work exploring the space-time, a space-time scaping to the infinite and question the social reality, at the same time of the physical reality. Díaz recreates with surprising technological magic, unexplainable depths, and abysms colored with continuous lights. An oneiric installation provokes the spectator to share with their proposal from different angles and positions actively. 

The event was held on August 19, 2021 and was dedicated to the plastic artist Orlando Menicucci.


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