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UNPHU receives the visit of Dr. Genaro Rodriguez Martinez

Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Ureña received the visit of Dr. Genaro Rodriguez Martinez, vice minister of Science and technology of the Department of Superior Education Science and Technology (MESCyT). 

The guests were welcomed in the VIP Hall at the university, showing them the Plan Campus facing the XXI Century, by Josefina Pepin Ulbri, vice-rector of Projects of Research, Link and Internationalization, Dr. Jose Felipe Guillen Sarita, Director of Special Projects, and Claudia Acra, Director of Research at UNPHU. 

The guests enjoyed a journey by the campus, including areas where projects are in development financed by the National Fund of Innovation and Scientific and Technological Development (FONDOCYT), as the National Brain Bank (BNC), the Institute of Anatomy, the Unit of Advanced Architecture (UAA), the labs of Biology, the Center of Operations of Medical Simulation (COSMOS) and the Odontology Clinic. 

All guests had lunch at the VIP hall of the Rectory, and Doctors Maria Guadalupe Silva, coordinator of research, and Rogelio Cordero, Director of the School of Odontology, joined the group. They socialized about the advances of the ongoing projects and exchanged ideas about possible collaborations among both institutions. 

The vice-minister was joined by Dr. Andres Merejo, Director of Promotion and Diffusion on Science and Technology, and Carlos Rodriguez, Director of Research on Science and Technology.  


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