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Get In the Ring Santo Domingo was exciting!

Get In the Ring Santo Domingo was exciting!

Get In The Ring Santo Domingo was exciting!  That´s the opinion of the participants in the largest competition of global entrepreneurship held on April 19th in Santo Domingo in the installations of the Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University.

Get In The Ring Santo Domingo was organized by the Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University and its UNPHU Emprende Entrepreneurship Center, with the sponsorship of CREE Banreservas and the Ministry for Industry, Commerce, and MIPYMES, with the objective of promoting and consolidating the growth of entrepreneurs and connecting them on a global scale.

Get In The Ring is a competition that permits a presentation on a global level of enterprises and start-ups that in turns with entrepreneurs, mentors, investors, businesses, large corporations, and over 1 million fans.

Get In The Ring known for its boxing-ring format where 2 companies or start-ups face off to present their business models in 5 rounds on a specific topic:  Round 1 – Team, Round 2 – Achievements, Round 3 – Business Model and Markets, Round 4 – Finance, Round 5 – Innovation and Scalability.

UNPHU Emprende brought together business and start-ups in an early phase with no more than eight years of operation.  Some 21 projects registered and participated, with 8 selected as finalist projects:  Delcayo, Meraki, Sporddy, Edupass, Raposo NessPart, Refill Dominicana, Caribi handmade, and Jompeame.

The finalists faced off in three elimination rounds:

1st round:  Delcayo vs. Meraki; Sporddy vs. Edupass; Raposo NessPart vs. Refill Dominicana; Caribi handmade vs. Jompeame.

2nd round: Delcayo vs. Jompeame; Refill Dominicana vs. Edupass

3rd found: Delcayo vs. Edupass

The winner of Get In The Ring Santo Domingo, Edupass, was awarded an airline ticket to Singapore, where it will compete for one million Euros in the Global Competition of Get In The Ring between the 17th and 19th of May 2017. 

Edupass is a start-up headed by entrepreneur Luis Sena.  Edupass connects students with universities around the world, and helps them to make the most important decisions on what to study, where to study, and how to pay for those studies through scholarships.

Michael Jacobo Reyes, Manager of CREE Banreservas, underscored the organization´s social responsibility in supporting local entrepreneurship as an opportunity to achieve a greater impact on our society, as well as the generation of sustainable enterprises.  The CREE Banreservas program facilitates start-ups with non-traditional financing through investment capital, becoming the company´s strategic partner.  The program also offers follow-up and accompaniment to increase the probabilities for success of the start-ups.

Engineer Juan Enrique Rosales, Director of UNPHU Emprende and the UNPHU MIPYMES Center, pointed out that the work that the entrepreneurship center has been performing responds to the role defined by the vision of the Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University and its commitment of extension towards the community.  He also pointed out that the various programs of the center attend 250 entrepreneurs and 300 MIPYMES clients.

Rosales thanked CREE Banreservas and the Ministry for Industry, Commerce, and MIPYMES for their sponsorship, and the collaboration of the program Visión Emprendedora, through which the event was transmitted.  Together with the sponsors, he promised to organize the event in 2018 for the entire country, opening up the possibility that thousands of entrepreneurs and businessmen will be able to present their innovative and scalable projects through the Get In The Ring platform.  


Los jurados en la entrega de cheque al ganador, Luis Sena

El Ing. Juan Enrique Rosales Cortes, el Sr. Michael Jacobo Reyes y finalistas de Get in the Ring Santo Domingo

El Ing. Juan Enrique Rosales Cortes, junto al Equipo de UNPHU Emprende y los participantes


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