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UNPHU and GAPGEF sign an agreement

El Arq. Miguel Fiallo Calderón y el Lic. Mariano Esoto Saba


UNPHU and GAPGEF sign an agreement

The Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University (UNPHU) and the Fiscal Policy and Management Training Center (CAPGEFI) signed a collaboration agreement to develop joint activities aimed at strengthening both institutions.

On the one hand, the UNPHU will provide academic support for the training given by CAPGEFI, after confirming that they comply with established requirements, and will allow the center´s facilitators to be able to each the subjects dealing with taxes.

For its part, CAPGEFI promised to train the teachers and personnel from the university´s administrative area on subjects related to government financial administration.  In addition, it will be responsible for facilitating its training programs so that they can be inserted into UNPHU´s master´s and graduate degree curricula.

Those signing the agreement promised to create and coordinate plans, projects, programs, activities, and technical assistance in order to achieve the highest levels in the study and research of topics of interest to both institutions.

The agreement was signed by Miguel Fiallo Calderón, Rector of the UNPHU, and Mr. Mariano Escoto Saba, General Director of the Treasury Ministry´s Fiscal Policy and Management Training Center, both of whom emphasized the virtues of the agreement, including the fact that it will allow UNPHU´s graduating professionals to achieve full knowledge of the functioning of the State in the area of CAPGEFI´s expertise.


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