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Architect Miguel Fiallo Calderon is reelected for a new rectorship at UNPHU

Architect Miguel Calderon was sworn for a new rectorship term of Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Ureña (UNPHU), during the ordinary assembly of the Dominican University Foundation Pedro Henriquez Ureña (FUDPHU) from its president Architect Raul de Moya Español and the Board of Management. 

Architect Fiallo is the rector of UNPHU since April 2005 and is the first Rector graduated from the same higher education institution. He belongs to the first class of UNPHU’s architects. 

The university community at this academy affirms that his labor at UNPHU is featured by modernization and technification of the institution, as well as his great contribution in the promotion of science and investigation. Their projects leaded the university to be internationally acknowledged by renowned international accreditation agencies as ACBSP, GCreas and ANPADEH.

On February 2020 he was acknowledged by the Government of the city of San Juan Puerto Rico within the frame of the Dominican Week celebrated in the neighbor country, noticing his valuable trajectory and management leading UNPHU, contributing to the academic exchange and professionalization of the Puerto Rican youth in areas as Medicine and Veterinary. 

Currently is the Secretary of the Dominican Association of Rectors (ADRU), for the term 2020-2022, on the term 2005-2007 was the president of the same association. Is also member of the Rectoral Board Institute.

Past Vice-president of the Caribbean Region of Interamerican University Organization (OUI). Is also a counselor of the Dominican Association of Architects, among other things.

On August 2017 he received from the honorable Mayor of the city of Miami, Tomas Regalado, an acknowledgment of leadership in response to his work as the Rector of UNPHU, educating so many professionals successfully working at important companies and institutions at Miami. 

In September 2013 acknowledged by the Assembly of the State of New York for his contributions in the field of education and his curriculum. In the same year was nominated by the Center of Analysis of Public Policies (CAPP) as Man of the year in the newspaper Diario Libre. 

Is Attached Ambassador of the Department of Foreign Affairs and vocal of Rica Foundation. 

Rector Fiallo headed the Board of Direction of the former Banco Nacional de la Vivienda (BNV) after he started as Rector of UNPHU for the first time. 

He was born in Santo Domingo, son of Miguel Angel Fiallo Soñé and Amparo María Calderón Rodriguez. 


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