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UNPHU and BDO sign an interinstitutional Agreement

Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Urena (UNPHU) and Sociedad BDO ESSENCIA SRL signed an interinstitutional agreement to perform joint seminaries, conferences, events and advisories. 

The training will be given in diverse branches and continual education with international and local providers with international projection. 

They stipulated that the programs would be designed to be given to houses and the general public during the agreement. Also, internship programs for students and educative webinars will be available. 

The agreement was held at the rectory of the university, between architect Miguel Fiallo Calderón, recetor of UNPHU and Mr. Gustavo Ortega, manager and president of Sociedad BDO ESSENCIA SRL. They were joined by Doctor Leonardo Conde, dean of the faculty of Economic and Social Sciences, and Daisy Perez, director f the career of Accounting and Audit. 

About UNPHU 

Founded 55 years ago, it has a broad academic offer of grade, post grade, and continual education, with a vision of academic excellence, innovation, and research, adhering to sustainable values, and preserving the environment. 

About BDO

It is a business school devoted to not offering training services on Continual Education, Corporate Programs, and Events. 


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