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UNPHU and DGCP sign an inter institutional agreement to promote professionalization in the public hiring.

Arq. Miguel Fiallo Calderon y el Sr. Carlos Ernesto Pimentel

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Ureña (UNPHU) and the General Direction of Public Hiring (DGCP) signed an agreement of academic, scientific, and cultural collaboration to promote knowledge and professionalization over public purchases and in force regulations at Dominican Republic. 

“We are aware that to contribute with the social and economic improvement of the country is of key importance to outline relations of exchange in the fields of science and culture”, expressed in a press release. 

Through this agreement UNPHU was committed to support the implementation of the Dominican Model of Sustainable and Inclusive Public Purchases, preparing programs for the accreditation of units of purchases; contribute in the composing of the Observatory of Public Hiring, an interdisciplinary space to debate over the evolution and the particularities of a hiring from the state; and create a subject over Public Purchases and Hiring in the pensum if the career of Business Management and Accounting. 

Arq. Miguel Fiallo Calderón and Mr. Carlos Ernesto Pimentel during the signing of the agreement.

DGCP agreed to organize courses and workshops for professors, academics, and students over public hiring; contribute with professional technicians of the area for the development of courses, workshops, and programs over the in-force regulation of public hiring in the country; and promote the college research in subjects of purchases and hiring. 

 Other assumed commitments where to facilitate the attendance of students of UNPHU in programs of internships at DGCP; exchange of books, publications and material for teaching and research of open access; develop activities of mutual interest, among others. 

During the agreement UNPHU was represented by its Rector, architect Miguel Fiallo Calderón, and by DGCP its General Director Mr. Carlos Ernesto Pimentel Florenzán. 

The signature of the agreement was on Wednesday March 31st at 10:00 a.m. at the Rectory’s office of the University. 


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