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UNPHU and Loyola School at Santo Domingo sign an academic, scientific, and cultural collaboration agreement

Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Ureña (UNPHU) and Loyola School at Santo Domingo signed an academic, scientific, and cultural agreement. 

This collaboration aims to promote research, propel innovation, and scientific and technical education of the post-graduated and the education in the company’s scope. 

Both institutions had a purpose of joining efforts to develop a harmonic and efficient collaboration targeted to implement projects regarding the educative, research, and academic scope, collaborating with the development of the business sector and the society. 

Within the agreement, they outlined specific proposals for both institutions. UNPHU will be committed to providing seminars for students, enabling specialized spaces (labs) for the performance of particular learning activities, and informing about informative options given by the university that might be of interest to the development of the collaborators of the school. 

Loyola School is responsible for receiving students of teaching practices from the faculty of Education of the university and enabling their internship; therefore, students of different branches can practice their competencies in an environment of professional growth. 

The signature of the agreement was held at the rectory of the university between architect Miguel Fiallo Calderón, rector at UNPHU, and Father Jorge William Hernandez Diaz, SJ rector at Loyola School. The academic director, Professor Oscar Casalis, from Loyola School, joined them. 

About UNPHU 

Founded 55 years ago, with a vast academic offer for undergraduates, post-grade, and continued education, it has a vision of academic excellence, innovation, and research, adhering to sustainable development and the preservation of the environment. 

About Loyola School at Santo Domingo 

Loyola School is an apostolic instrument at the service of the Catholic Church, inspired and guided by the Ignatian vision of education and which fundament is based on the educational experience of the spiritual exercises of San Ignacio de Loyola, the constitutions of the Company of Jesus and the pedagogical tradition of the Jesuits.


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