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UNPHU holds conference entitled «Creating a greater sense of well-being in architecture through neuroscience and sensory design»

Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña, through the Vice-Rector of Postgraduate Studies, held the conference entitled «Creating a greater sense of well-being in architecture through neuroscience and sensory design«, given by Ari Peralta, neuroscientist and sensory designer.

The conference aimed to show an interdisciplinary world in which architects and designers collaborate with neuroscientists, with the idea of exploring through science, the relationship between individuals and the environment around them. Neuroarchitecture was the central topic of the conference, in which it was possible to see how neuroscience, environmental psychology and architecture are related and how it focuses on the dynamics of the human brain, resulting from action and interaction with the environment.

In his speech Geisha Carpio, Vice-Chancellor for Postgraduate said: «This conference, the first of its kind, will introduce to us with a new and enlightened perspective on the future of architecture; which represents a unique opportunity to open our minds to a more holistic approach, in which every detail, from form to lighting to materials, is carefully selected to positively impact our life experience.«

The activity was attended by Patricia Matos, Academic Vice Chancellor; Claudia Acra, Vice-Rector for Research, Linkage and Internationalization Projects; Adrián De Oleo, Dean of Student Welfare and Architect Omar Rancier, dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Arts, who was in charge of reading the biographical sketch of the lecturer. Also, Aldo Erazo, director of International Relations at UNPHU, and Dr. Lucía Vásquez Espínola, general director of Special Education at the Dominican Republic’s Ministry of Education (MINERD).

A panel was held at the event with the participation of Dr. Daisy Acosta, researcher, and director of the BNC-UNPHU; Architect Heidi González, professor and researcher at the University and Architect Jennifer De Láncer, clinical psychologist, and Project manager. It took place on January 24, 2024, at the Horacio Álvarez Saviñón Auditorium, and was broadcast on the UNPHU YouTube channel. It can be seen at the link:

About the lecturer Ari Peralta

He is a neuroscientist and sensory designer, considered by organizations such as NASA, ESA, and Forbes Japan, as one of the most prominent voices in this new field.  Through ARIGAMI, his environmental research and design company, Ari and his team have received more than a dozen international awards for their participation in the development of projects with a focus on the senses and human well-being.


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