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UNPHU recognizes as honorary professor Santiago Muñoz Machado

Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña (UNPHU) recognized with the title of Honorary Professor the renowned jurist and academic Dr. Santiago Muñoz Machado, current president of the Association of Academies of the Spanish Language (RAE). This recognition is a testament to his outstanding record and valuable contributions to the field of law.

The distinction as Honorary Professor of UNPHU is a tribute to his outstanding commitment to academic excellence and his work in promoting and defending the rule of law. This is the highest recognition the University gives to those exceptional professionals who have left a significant mark in their field. It is an honor to be able to count on the presence and wisdom of Santiago Muñoz Machado.

In his speech, Dr. Francisco Ortega Polanco, dean of the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences, expressed: “This recognition is a sign of the respect of the Dominican people, expressed at the University that exalts the name of Don Pedro Henríquez Ureña, an intention celebrate his time in Santo Domingo and bring his subject to the forge of understanding, a link with his life and his world, with the distant Cordoba; it continued: “A splendid display of a humanistic worldview and that relates us in some measure to the manifest thought of Don Santiago in his extensive and substantial bibliography.”

The scroll was handed over from the hands of the Architect Miguel Fiallo Calderón, UNPHU rector to Dr. Santiago Muñoz Machado, who said he felt very honored and privileged to receive such recognition from the university.

The welcoming words of the event were given by the Dean of the Faculty of Legal and Political Sciences, Dr. Francisco Ortega Polanco; the reading of the Resolution of the Academic Council, by the Academic Vice-Chancellor, Patricia Matos, and the reading of the bio biographical sketch of Dr. Muñoz Machado, by the director of the School of Law, Patricia Perez.

The ceremony of awarding the title to Santiago Muñoz Machado, took place on November 10, 2023, in the lecture hall of the university.

About Santiago Muñoz Machado

Muñoz Machado, born in Spain, is internationally known for his extensive knowledge and experience in constitutional and administrative law. He has been a professor at several prestigious universities and has held relevant positions in academic and judicial institutions. During his career, Muñoz Machado has published numerous books and articles that have enriched the legal literature. His rigorous research and analysis have significantly contributed to the advancement of the theory and practice of law, in Spain and in the international arena.


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