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UNPHU recognizes seven of its graduates as distinguished

Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña (UNPHU), through the Directorate of Institutional Experience and Graduate Management, recognized seven graduates as distinguished. The distinction was given for outstanding contributions and tasks in their professional work, private life, social commitment, and the impact of their actions for the benefit of society. The cartificates were delivered by the Architect Miguel Fiallo Calderón, rector of the university.

The event took place in the VIP lounge of the university, and were present Patricia Matos, Academic Vice Chancellor; Dr. Leonardo Conde, Dean of the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences; Architect Omar Rancier, Dean of Architecture and Arts; Engineer Doris Peña, Dean of the Faculty of Science and Technology; Daisy Pérez, Director of the School of Accounting; Laura Veloz Espejo, Director of Institutional Experience and Graduate Management, and the family of the graduates.

The award-winning graduates belong to different faculties and academic careers offered by the university. The distinguished are Alberto de la Cruz Eduardo, Alberto Cruz Acosta, Altagracia Beatriz Acosta Santana, Melania Josellin Cruz Acosta; engineers Eduardo Cruz Acosta, Loraine Altagracia Cruz Acosta and Architect Nancis Josefina Cruz Acosta

The event was held on Friday, April 14, 2023.

About the winners:

Alberto de la Cruz Eduardo, accountant, influential community leader and well recognized for the support provided over many years in the community of Cabrera. He has been a state official, serving as a deputy and a trustee. UNPHU teacher for 14 years, and accountant. 

Alberto Cruz Acosta, MBA accountant at Thunderbird School of Global Management, specializing in corporate finance and capital markets. Founder and Chairman of the Board of Excel Group, President of the Human Insurance Board RD and Insurance Living in Panama. 

Engineer Eduardo Cruz Acosta, a civil engineer with an MBA from Georgia Tech and an MPA from Harvard University, is executive president, board member and shareholder of Grupo Humano, with more than 25 years of experience in negotiation, business planning, analytical skills, and team building. 

Loraine Alt. Cruz Acosta, Civil Engineering with master’s degree in Economics and Postgraduate Degree in Applied Macroeconomics from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile.

She has experience in the financial and economic area, including a 20-year career at Codetel (Claro); currently serves as Vice President of Operations and serves as Director of Operations, Human Resources and Treasury, as well as a regulatory economist. 

Altagracia Beatriz Acosta Santana, graduate of Education, mention of Letters. He practiced teaching for several years at the public and private levels. She’s a selfless mother, a devoted wife, and a loving grandmother. 

Melania Josellin Cruz Acosta, economist, currently manager of the Excel I Real Estate Fund, the Excel II Real Estate Fund and the Excel I Development Fund, managed by Excel Sociedad Administradora de Fondo, S.A. Post-Degree in Corporate Finance at PUCMM, master’s in international Trade at Université de Provence (France), Diploma in Capital Market Introduction at the Universidad Iberoamericana (UNIBE).

Nancis Josefina Cruz Acosta (graduate of Architecture and Urbanism), works with her husband in the family business Master Service. He currently lives in Florida.


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