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Rica Foundation launches the award to sustainability Doctor Julio A. Brache

The Rica Foundation, from Rica corporate group, launched this Thursday July 15, 2021, the award to Sustainability Dr. Julio A. Brache Arzeno, in honor to the extraordinary, professional, entrepreneurial, and family trajectory of its founder Dr. Julio A. Brache Arzeno. 

The launching had place on Embassy Garden Hall of El Embajador hotel, with the presence of representative personalities of important sector of the national life and the media. Among them Architect Miguel Fiallo Calderón, rector of UNPHU and vocal of Rica Foundation. 

Such award is created with the purpose to acknowledge nonprofit institutions which through their valuable work, contribute to raise the life in the country, promote sustainability and the compliance of the Goals of Development of United Nations outlined on the Agenda 2030. Each one of the awarded institutions on the categories of Environment, Health and Education will receive a metallic award of one million two hundred fifty thousand pesos (RD$1,250,000.00) with an emblematic trophy.  Rica Foundation will deliver the award on a yearly basis in a ceremony to be performed in December. 

Arq. Miguel Fiallo Calderón.
Arq. Miguel Fiallo Calderón y el Lic. Julio V. Brache Alvare.
The Jury during the launch.

From this date, will remain open to September 30 of this year the process of reception of requests to opt for this acknowledgment. The members of the juror will take into consideration the creativity and innovation, transformative leadership, mobilization of technical and financial resources; appropriate handling of funds, as well as skills to stablish long term alliances, participation of beneficiaries on the projects, accountability, participation of the groups of interest, and very special, the clarity of the purpose and identification of the best practices, all these aspects guaranteeing the sustainability of any project or institution. 

On his welcome words the Executive Director of Rica foundation, Mr. Wenceslao Soto, expressed the commitment of the Foundation with the sustainable development of the country. Also, remarked the leadership and vision of the Board of Directors were example and directions of the development model promoted by the institution.   

Pedro Brache Álvarez, president of Rica Corporate group, reading the semblance of his father remarked the dedication, social commitment, respect to values, entrepreneurship and leadership featuring the personal, and citizenship trajectory of Doctor Julio A. Brache Arzeno. 

Julio Virgilio Brache Álvarez, president of Rica Foundation said in his speech: “This acknowledgement is a call to the civil society and the private sector to target their best efforts, their time and resources in promoting innovative solutions to the social problems in favor of the economic and environmental sustainability of the country”. Also emphasized that the Sustainability Award Dr. Julio A. Brache Arzeno, will leave an undisputable legacy of service and innovative spirit of his father, Dr. Julio A. Brache Arzeno. 

With this award the Rica Foundation ratifies its historical commitment with the sustainability.


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