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Technical discussion panel on Educational Models of Success at UNPHU

The Dominican University Foundation Pedro Henríquez Ureña, in coordination with the Faculty of Humanities and Education of the Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña, held the technical discussion on Educational Models of Success, with the purpose of seeking new inclusive, quality and successful educational paradigms in higher education.

The Architect Raúl De Moya Español, president of FUDPHU, said: “The processes of change at the social, cultural and educational levels confirm the need to make a deep reflection on evaluation and therefore the way of teaching must be changed: from making an “elite niche” to a vision of collectives.” He also referred to the educational model in the Pedro Henríquez Ureña Pre-University Schools, commenting “it has been sought to do an exercise with the system, with a view to carrying out a work of educational transformation. It is not intended to create a system of uniform plans, as the profiles of the students and the context are different.”

The panelists were Margarita Heinsen, president of the Didactics Foundation; Rosa Valera, consultant in Education Management; Hilda Karina Abreu, director of the Escuela Nueva School; and Ana María Pellerano, educational adviser, and former director of the Colegio Retoños. They addressed the role of strategic alliances with institutions that support the training process and the importance of training and leadership development of managers. They also discussed the inclusive model, indicating that it cannot be complete without parental commitment and family support to achieve the expected exit profile.

Present at the event were Patricia Matos, academic vice chancellor of UNPHU, and graduates, teachers and students of the School of Education, as a sign of the necessary cohesion in the process of construction and rethinking the Educational Model. 


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