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Director of MIPYMES UNPHU Center, presents results to President Danilo Medina

El presidente Danilo Medina junto a Ignacio Méndez, Ileana Rogel, Ingrid Figueroa, Víctor Rodríguez, Máximo Mercedes y Juan Enrique Rosales

Director of MIPYMES UNPHU Center, presents results to President Danilo Medina

President Danilo Medina knew the impact of the implementation of the MIPYMES Centers in the country, so he decided to meet with the Director of the MIPYMES UNPHU Center, Mr. Juan E. Rosales, as well as other directors from the different centers of the country.

The MIPYMES Centers operate in alliance with the universities, in the particular case of the MIPYMES UNPHU Center, receives cooperation not only from the public and academic sector, but also obtains resources from the private sector, the main ones being Bank BHD LEÓN, JMMB and The Association of Industrial Companies of Herrera and Province Santo Domingo. The MIPYMES UNPHU Center has trained more than 1,700 micro and small entrepreneurs over the period 2015-2016. In aspects of formalization, sales to the State, digital literacy, quality and food handling. Also, management of grocery stores, financial education and techniques on how to start a new business.

The MIPYMES UNPHU Center has provided more than 1,854 business development services and has generated an increase in sales of MSMEs benefiting from a total RD $ 6,000,000.00 pesos.

The centers seek to improve the productivity of the MIPYMES segment and the entrepreneurs in the country. This has been achieved through the free provision of business management services.

The MIPYMES Centers are part of the commitments assumed by President Danilo Medina. In the Government Program 2016-2020, it is contemplated the extension of the coverage.

The MIPYMES Centers are inspired by the International Model of the Small Business Development Center. This structure is originally from the United States and is being implemented in several countries in the region.

Among these nations are Chile; Colombia; Mexico; Panama; Costa Rica; Honduras and Guatemala. In the same way, Puerto Rico; Belize; Jamaica; Barbados and Saint Lucia.

Currently the Dominican Republic is one of the countries in the SICA region with more advances in the implementation of the model. This was recognized by the regional organization responsible for the topic, MIMYPE Center.

For this reason, our country was selected to host the II Meeting of MIPYMES Centers. The event will bring together various nations of the region, next 2018.

In the meeting with the head of State was the deputy minister of promotion to the MIPYMES, Ignacio Méndez. Also the president of the Regional Promotion Center and Executive Director of CONAMYPE, Ileana Rogel, the Executive Director of CENPROMYPE, Ingrid Figueroa, the manager of business development of the Vice Ministry of Development to the MIPYMES, Víctor Rodríguez. Likewise Máximo Mercedes, director of the MIPYMES UASD Hato Mayor Center.



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