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Health journalists are specializing on Bioethics and Health Communications Santo Domingo, ND, July 2021

Conclude with success the first Diplomate on Bioethics and Communication Health supported by Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Ureña (UNPHU), and the Latin center of Bioethics and Humanities (CELABIH), sponsored by the Primera ARS, addressed in this first edition to journalists specialized on health and high incidence in communications of risk on emergencies. 

The ceremony of certificates supporting the fulfilment and termination of the diplomate of Bioethics and Communication was held on the facilities of the campus Humano, and had the participation of Dr. William Duke, dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences at UNPHU, and Mr. Nelson Lora, director of the School of Continuous Education, in charge of the official deliver of the certificates. Also Dr. Togarma Rodríguez, senior manager of the Model of Attention of Primera ARS, coordinator, and facilitator of the diplomate. 

Karla Portela, vice-president of the Service Plan of Primera ARS shared remotely words of motivation to the graduates, thanking them for their receptivity and the commitment assumed to strengthening their skills for an effective communication on health and risks from a bioethics view.

El Dr. William Duke

La Dra. Togar a Rodríguez
El Sr. Nelson Lora la Dra. Togarma Rodríguez y el Dr. William Duke.

The diplomate approached integrally concepts and fundamentals of the communication on health, communication on emergency risks (CRE), the role of the communicator on health subjects, essential competences, good practices of communication on health, handling of information facing natural disasters of outbreaks of contagious infectious diseases and the stipulations on ethics of communication, it was developed on virtual classes type conferences, under the responsibility of four international communicators experts of the field, with a methodology active participative, promoting the deliberation, dialogue and exchange of ideas with the attendants, as well as discussion forums with experts.

About UNPHU 

With 55 years of foundation has a wide academic offer of undergraduate, post grades, and continual education, based on values for the academic excellence, humanism, innovation, sensibility, pluralism, and social commitment. 

Its mission is to contribute to the sustainable development and improvement of society through education of the human being as agent of change, competitive in its professional field, committed with innovation and application of knowledge for the solution of the problematics of society.  


Is an organization committed with the promotion of education, research and service, integrated by expert professionals of different disciplines, Aware of the growing bioethical dilemmas due to scientific and humanist advantages in the field of sciences and professions health related. 

About Primera ARS

Company from the insurer group Humano, specialized in the exclusive presentation of health services for affiliates of Social Security. With a trajectory of more than 15 years, on 2016 with the conformation of Grupo Humano change its name from ARS Humano to Primera ARS, continuing its positioning on the market (45% among the private ARS and 34% of the total of the system) the quality of its services and the number of affiliates. Primera ARS is focused in providing the best quality and the highest standards of attention to all Dominicans, therefore having with the biggest net of health service providers distributed in all national geography. For more information please visit.    


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