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UNPHU held a Technical Discussion table: A Day in the life of a chemical engineer 

Universidad Nacional Pedro Henriquez Ureña (UNPHU) through the School of Chemical Engineer held the technical table of discussion: A Day in the life of a chemical engineer on its fourth version. 

This event was developed as part of the Technical Table of Discussion of the Faculty of Science and technology, celebrating the Day of the Chemical Engineer, during two consecutive days. On Thursday June 1st thare was the participation of Vanessa Del Villar, Manager of Talent Hunter of Clinical Laboratories Amadita; Stephany Rosario Zarzuela, lawyer; maría Fernanda Villega, Quality Manager of Caribbean Glass Industry; Juan Francisco Rosas Mora, link officer of ALEIQ.; Wilinel Roja, Invention Patent examiner of ONAPI; Gilberto Martinez, chemical engineer of CODIA; Yazmina Ledesma- Ovalle, officer of Health and Safety of the Division of Chemical regulation UK; Frank Monterom of Centro Ciclotrón; José Del carmen Valenzuela, professor at UNPHU and Ramón Pérez, of radiopharmaceutical of INCART.

On Friday 2 attended Filomena Barreiro, vice coordinator of the Research Center of Montanha (CIMO); Ramón Sánchez, coordinator of Analytical Chemistry and Professor at UNPHU; Gabriela Henriquez, doctorate student of the Chemical Program of Texas University at El Paso; Aran Santamaría, post-doctoral researcher of Research Center of Montanha (CIMO); Jesús Gilberto Concepción García, researcher professor of the Chemical School at UNPHU and Noelia Díaz, general supervisor of Reliability of Corrosion and Infrastructure Control.

Attended as moderators the engineer Doris Peña Calderón, director of the Chemical School and Mr. Ramón Sánchez. 

Dra. Arantzazu Santamaria.
Sra. Filomena Barreiro.
Ing. Doris Mercedes Peña Calderón
Sr. Ramon Antonio Sánchez.

Among the approached subjects were: The invention patents; registration of criteria of patentability; practical aspects of the radiopharmaceutical in Dominican Republic; Water treatment for human consumption by inverse osmosis: Hydraulic fracturing: handling of wastewater and Environment and its research. 
The event was transmitted by the YouTube channel of UNPHU. Can be seen at the following link:


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