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UNPHU Receives the Director of the OPS

El Dr. Wllian Duke, Dra. Alma Morales Salinas, Dr. José Espaillat, Dra. Carissa Etienne, Dr. Eduardo García y Raysa Almanzar


UNPHU Receives the Director of the OPS


The Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University (UNPHU) used the occasion of the visit to this country by Doctor Carissa Etienne, Director of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), to make a formal recognition of her work and cooperation with the university.

Dr. Etienne received a tour of the university, where she visited the Operations Center for Objectively Systematized Medical Simulation (COSMOS), the first venue in this country that serves for training professionals in pre-hospital management.

Dr. Alfred Toledo, director of the center, explained that “COSMOS is the first and only simulated hospital in the country that creates a hospital environment with quasi-real cases using cutting-edge technology, which is set up by the American Heart Society.”

“Last year we trained 160 individuals from the emergency areas of four hospitals, and in the near future we will train in Emergency Room Administration.  All of the courses are given in coordination with PAHO,” he added.

At the end of the tour they held a ceremony of recognition in the Library´s Conference Room, where Dr. William Duke, dean of the Health Sciences School stated that “The university maintains cooperation agreements with the Organization to provide quality training for the personnel that offers health care to people.”

Dr. Etienne thanked those present for the gesture by the university, and stated that in order to achieve universal health coverage, you don´t need just infrastructures and physical resources, but also personnel that will put their heart into their work.   

Dr. José Espaillat, while dictating the recognition reading

Dr. Willian Duke, while explaining part of COSMOS

Dr. Wllian Duke

La Dra. Alma Morales Salinas, Dr. José Espaillat y la Dra. Carissa Etienne

Members of OPS, while watching COSMOS

During the visit to COSMOS



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